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Common Time Cowl: Uncommonly Good

Just completed the Common Time Cowl kit I got from the other Newbee Knitter for christmas. Put out by none other than the elegant Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, this is a great kit and here's why:

It’s actually UN-common, in that for such a simple pattern (4×4 rib knit in the round,) the finished object is wholly sophisticated and elegant. We attribute this to the yarn combination — a surprising match made in yarn heaven — and one I must admit, this Newbee never would have seen coming.

The first yarn, Rowan Alpaca Classic was new to me, and one I would have easily passed up in the yarn bin. Woolen and even slightly unrefined, this is a sticky fiber that has something of a halo. It’s fun to work with because it knits up fast and has great definition. Plus it comes wound, which is always a bonus. And when you pair that with the sparkly string that is Stacy Charles Crystal, it creates a wonderful effect with the halo of Rowan filling in the thin lines of the sequined string.

Here are a few pictures of the piece as it went from birth to full maturity, which in knitting hours, was a very short process.

Cast on and about an hour in.
Yarn flower.
Simple, but beautiful.

Common Time Cowl is quick to cast on, easy to travel with on planes, trains, buses and NYC cabs, and open to knitting polygamy — I think I started 3 projects after casting this one on, and there were no ill-consequences to the many stops and starts. For these reasons, Newbee Knitters give this kit a full thumbs up as a gift kit OR as a finished object gift that will knock someone’s socks off without taking forever to complete.

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