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Cowboys & Angels

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Pleased to report that Isabell Kraemer's new shawl design, Cowboys & Angels, is a thing that knitting dreams are made of! This is a basic triangular shawl made fancy with the combination of lattice-work lace, a sumptuous run of squishy garter ridges and a few bobbles thrown in for good measure. I call bobbles the rhinestone studs of shawl-dom.

I knit mine in up Wishbone's "Bare Bones DK" in the color Ossineau, which I think means "bird moon." This is a great combination because the Wishbone yarn not only has a great, springy texture to it, it also has a wonderful color bed — slightly spotted with reds and browns and pinks in a very subtle way. Perfect for a long wrap.

Wishbone Bare Bones DK Ossineau

This shawl took a whopping five skeins with some left over (I think the pattern calls for four!) so when you knit this up, buy over. Especially if your yarn is hand dyed in African rainwater, like Wishbone. Thankfully my LYS had one skein left in stock. Bare Bones crisis averted. Barely.

As far as clarity goes, there were no stoppers in this pattern, no hiccups, no YouTube consults, no frogging. It's straightforward, fun to knit and fits into the category of TV knitting well. My only recommendation (and this is a strong one) is to chart your own paper notes to track the row repeats so you can watch your increases as you go. There are several long runs of repeats, with the total stitch count listed at the end. Taking the time to do the math saves doubt.

The shawl shown here was made as a charitable contribution for a local silent auction, so it was barely dry before it was gone forever. I'm told the high bidder planned to wear it to her son's wedding. "Mother-of-the-groom" status is wedding royalty right??

Happy knitting!

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