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Tegna Sweater: Joined the Club

The Tegna sweater by Caitlin Hunter is our latest love affair, causing this Newbee Knitter to cheat on both my fiddlehead mittens AND my Papa.

If you’re not familiar with Tegna, it’s like something a unicorn dragged in. An elegant, floating, ephemeral tog, perfect for spring, summer, fall — and I mean I will certainly don this puppy for the holidays. In short, this pattern is a solid keeper and like so many knitters out there, we may make more than one.

Now for what’s great:

A. Pattern writing. CH writes a mean pattern. We did not find a single “huh?” moment. This is noteworthy because even the best knitters tell us they can get stumped here and there. Not a’once.

B. Lacework. The lacework on this thing is sublimely perfect. Just enough and rhythmic. LOVE the fact that she wrote and charted. We can follow charts, but we used the written and loved it.

This is pre-blocked!

C. “Bossy” notes. Once again, we are grateful that CH stressed the importance of swatching. (Now every pattern says to swatch, but CH straight-up bossed that moment, so it actually got done.) Crucial. Of the two Newbee's who post here, I am the loose one (in knitting terms), and I started on the smallest size (3). But with my yarn, I swatched correctly on size 6. WHAATT? Let go.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Our appreciation of Yarn Experiments Monkey Sock continues, this time in colorway “Mexico City.” We can’t even. There is nothing negative to say about this magical string.

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