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The Snawheid Hat That Never Was

Not every knitting encounter is a positive one. For instance, one day the Newbee Knitters went into a LYS to get yarn for the Kate Davies Snawheid hat. We were as excited as two kids with “report-card cash” to spend on candy. The mission did not go as planned ….

“We want yarn for Snawheid hats!

“WHY DO YOU WANT TO MAKE THAT?!?!? You’ll be knitting for months. You could make FIVE hats in that time.”

“But we don’t want to make five hats we want one hats, we want Snawheid hats so we can run around the fjords of NYC like Kate Davies, Knitting Queen of Scots…”

Needless to say, we bought nothing that day, and worse:  Left a knitting shop feeling deflated and empty — the polar opposite of how one should feel after being inside a store that sells yarn.

Disenchanting as it was, that event really stuck with us as a crossroads moment, immediately crystallizing our basic human truth: At Newbee Knitters, we knit for the love of it. The finished object is (gasp) really a byproduct. And let’s face it: Knitting is no longer an economy sport. How can it be when mass-produced accessories and garments are traded for a song. One can never compete. But the last time we checked, the only knitter we're competing with are ourselves.

On that note, we fully plan to one day turn our Snawheid dreams into reality, and when we do, we’ll post!

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