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The Snawheid Hat that WAS!

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

A knitted hat
Snawheid Hat All Finished

Well I did it! Gave in fully to the long swoon that was my desire to knit the Snawheid hat by Kate Davies.

In a previous post, we talked about the Newbee Knitters' experience leaving a yarn shop feeling deflated by the shopkeeper's dismissal of our dreams to run around NYC like winter elves in our stunning "snawflake" hats, telling us the pattern would take a month to knit and we're silly to even think of such a thing.

Didn't listen.

And this is the result. It's soooooo pretty, everyone should have one of these and another thing: It wasn't even a hard knit. Sure, there are floats. And some fancy dancing in the crown decreasing. That's the FUN of it.

Side view of a knit hat
Snawheid Hat Up Close

Even more ironic in the face of the failed yarn-buying experience, the knit shown here was done will 100% stash yarn. That's right. Stash-blast fingering with leftover mohair to add a zip of twinkle-in-the-sun color and snowy haze.

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