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Skyhill Hat, by Emily Foden

Skyhill Hat by Emily Foden in Hello Stella

We are huge fans of Emily Foden's Skyhill hat, we cannot lie. And why should we hide our enthusiasm for something so perfect? What is so special about this pattern? A few things, really.

It’s first source of power is the simple, yet subtle pattern of inverse slip stitches. When this newbee knitter first read the pattern, I didn’t get it. And in fairness, the genius only is evident when you fold the brim. But offsetting slip stitches makes the loveliest detail on the finished hat. So simple.

Secondly, holding two DKs together is simply divine. Squishy and lofty, with air pockets embedded. The resulting hat is a sophisticated marshmallow, with an irresistible texture that begs to be grabbed and sampled by others. Yes, it keeps happening.

Finally, the book. AHHHHHHH, “Knits About Winter” by Emily Foden. We heartily recommend this book of 12 patterns and inspiration text by the owner of Viola Yarns. Let us just clarify: We are not among those who habitually buy knitting books, unless we must, but this book is an exception and even moreso: An exception that should be experienced in PRINT, not digitally.

Published in consort with POMPOM press (a magazine to which we now subscribe tee hee) the team managed to capture the introspective nature of winter and yarn and knitting on paper, right down to the matte, suede-like cover. While a cover-to-cover read is not yet completed, it will happen. And the 12 patterns are each really cool — some more of a time investment than others.

As for the Skyhill Hat … 1.5 days from cast-on to bind-off — and this is for a for a Full Time working woman, Part Time obsessive knitter. So yeah. It’s a keeper. But the best part is the show-stopping nature of the thing. One simply collects compliments on this hat, as proven in multiple situations.

Skyhill, Size 2.

This is the Newbee's first Skyhill, made as a gift for a dear friend who lives in a very cold place. This was made in 1.5 days, on size 9 needles, holding two strands of The Farmer’s Daughter “Paul Newman” DK, plus two strands of leftover Tussock from Purl Soho. Love at first stitch. Used up all the leftover Tussock, which validates that purchase 10-fold. Made in size 2.

Skyhill, Size 2.

Second Skyhill, made for Newbee's own use after coveting the original. This was made on size 9’s holding three strands of Hedgehog “Cross My Heart” — which is a custom colorway for LYS Do Ewe Knit. This was knit with DK, sport and mohair to get gauge. Let us say: This yarn is worth every ounce. Thankfully, there exist leftovers enough for another use, somewhere. Hat is Size 2.

Skyhill, Size 1.

Third Skyhill, made for Karen who has a very huge brain tucked inside a very small head. This was made holding two strands of Hello Stella DK in Magnolia, and what a lovely rewarding yarn experience THAT was. Just the right blend of highs and lows in the color, great elasticity: We're sold. For this one we added the bobbles and a wee tassel, as Karen is a very sophisticated pink lover. No poms need apply. Hat is size 1.

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