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Vintage Prim, by Andrea Mowry

Andrea Mowry anyone? How about brioche? If not, you should — on both counts. After drooling over her lovely hats and shawls and sweaters and fades … I lucked-into a beginner brioche class at my LYS, Do Ewe Knit. There’s something about a good class that just changes everything.

To be fair, this was my second beginner brioche class, but the first was an epic fail, leaving me nowhere. So this time I watched Andrea’s brioche videos in advance of the class WITHOUT PICKING UP THE NEEDLES once.

This was a big moment, because my usual habit is to watch a video for about 5 seconds, lose patience and try to knit and watch at the same time. Here, I studied the movements and tried to imagine the actual architecture of brioche. (Because I mean, the first few rounds are literally a hot mess.)

Andrea Mowry is a great teacher, and if you have the chance take a class. We knit up sample swatches flat — incidentally, the harder of the two (flat vs. in the round) and I agree with the principle: Take on the more difficult option first. AM’s parting words were: “Use it or lose it!” so I immediately returned to stash and embarked on Vintage Prim  which is in the round and absolutely stunning in person, so I decided to just take the plunge.

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