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Ula Tee (pronounced: ooooo-licious)

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Embarked on another Isabel Kraemer, the Ula Tee. I could not wait for this to go on Ravelry so I ordered Making Magazine to get this early. Don't know Making ? Check it out!

Finished sweater
Ula Tee, Isabel Kraemer

Ula is well written (note errata at bottom) and once you get the rhythm of the lace, easy to follow.

About that lace... not the best repeat to start and stop unless you take very good notes or you are very good at reading lace. Which is why the lace genius Bristol Ivy suggested marking EVERY REPEAT in her Tealeaf Sweater — which I made after first failing the Ula repeat by one row. But guess what: That one action saved my life on Tealeaf. Sure it took like every marker I own, but this was the perfect way to admire every one.

Marked at every 6-stitch repeat. This marker moves at row 5. Another great way to check your work!

Suggestions to ensure success when knitting lace on an unpredictable schedule:

1. DO: Take notes. Mark it on paper. The act of writing solidifies knowledge. Keep pencils.

2. DO: Use removable tape while you're actually knitting. But DO NOT rely on that same tape to stick between sessions. Tape when active. Pencil when dormant.

3. DO: Place a marker at every repeat. This is a LIFE SAVER and I will not lace without it.(Ula is a 6-stitch repeat. So easy to catch a missed YO when counting between markers. Just note that the Ula repeat changes placement halfway through. So at the 5th row, marker will move.)

4. DO: Stop knitting after an odd row in the lace in Ula. All even rows are knit, making it a bit harder to "read" where you left off.

My project is knit with Kettle Dyed Yarns Lumen which is a mix of merino & silk. It's a bit splitty but has gorgeous sheen and drape. Perfect choice for this pattern, IMHO. Here's how it knits up!

Hand dyed superwash merino & silk. Very drapey in just the right way!

Happy knitting!

ULA Errata:

Begin back short row shaping Short Row 1: (RS) Work across front as est to side m, removing lace panel markers and picking up wraps as you go, sl m, p1, knit to 3 sts before BOR, w&t

Short Row 2: (WS) Purl to 4 sts before side m, w&t

Short Row 3: (RS) Work to 3 sts before last wrap, w&t Rep Short Row 3 seven more times, ending with WS row

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